NihontoDo is a modern Kenjutsu system with techniques that are based on the use of the Katana. Translated as “Way of the Japanese Sword”, it was established in 2007 by Masters David “Dav” Sabobel (Creator) and James Wee (Patron).

This hybrid system was created by blending elements from Sports Chanbara, Toyama-ryū Battōjutsu and Kashima Shin ryū Kenjutsu, which were the foundation arts of the masters. Its modular syllabus encompasses four main aspects of modern swordsmanship:

  1. sports
  2. combative sparring
  3. drawing and sheathing of the sword
  4. and test cutting.

As a martial art that uses the kyū/dan system for ranking, practitioners will be graded to asses their progress and proficiency in the art and be allowed to attend more advanced lessons over time.

Designed for the layman, there is an emphasis in the syllabus on the mastery of fundamental sword techniques. This is done through a set of basic movements called “Kihon” that are taught and practiced across all 5 modules in the syllabus.

Full speed sparring is also a staple of training, to hone techniques and reflexes. While padded safety equipment (Actionflex) is used for sparring throughout all other levels, the bogu (traditional armour) and a stiffer fibreglass/polymer sparring weapon are used during Combative Kenjutsu.

The NihontoDo hombu (headquarters) is based in Singapore, and classes are conducted every Saturday at 1:30pm (except on public holidays). If you’re interested in finding out more or registering for a free trial session, fill in this form below or contact us directly at

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