Modern, hybrid kenjutsu system

NihontoDo (日本刀道, NihontōDō), translated as “Way of the Japanese Sword”, is a modern, hybrid kenjutsu system that significantly utilises sparring as a method of training.

Techniques in NihontoDo are based on the use of the katana, and its modular syllabus encompasses four main aspects of modern swordsmanship: sports, combative sparring, drawing and sheathing of the sword, and test cutting.

Established in 2007 by Masters David “Dav” Sabobel (Creator) and James Wee (Patron), the NihontoDo system strives for accelerated learning, through simplicity and emphasis on mastery of fundamental sword techniques.

Designed for the novice with no martial arts background in mind, the NihontoDo syllabus is kept simple for easy learning. Complex techniques are omitted, while perfecting the fundamentals is stressed.

Full speed sparring is also a staple of training, to hone techniques and reflexes. Padded safety equipment (Actionflex) is used throughout all levels; in Combative Kenjutsu, the bogu (traditional armour) and a stiffer fibreglass/polymer sparring weapon are used.

We are a sparring- Oriented modern “hybrid” style of Kenjutsu. Our trainings are every Saturday at 2:30pm, except on public holidays.

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