The martial art of NihontoDo actively empowers its practitioners with the tools and mindset needed to chart the next chapter of growth together.  In this page, you will be introduced to the Supreme Council, Executive Committee and Central Committee, which form the backbone of clan leadership.

Supreme Council

The highest governing body within the NihontoDo clan is the Supreme Council, which oversees all aspects of the art. It consists of the Sakusei-sha and 2 appointed Sokes.

Pictured (from left to right): Soke Radzif, Master Dav & Soke Brad

Executive Committee

Practitioners who have demonstrated exceptional leadership aptitude are brought into the Executive Committee, and they oversee various projects related to the art. It currently consists of the Head of Cadre and the respective Heads of Modules.

Pictured (from left to right): Senpai Amirul, Sensei Quinton, Senpai Tracy & Senpai Timothy

Central Committee

As an art that encourages active involvement in operational and planning matters, practitioners who have achieved a Black Belt are brought into the fold of the Central Committee, where they will be moulded into future leaders of the art through the assisting of classes, operational duties and mentorship opportunities.

Pictured (from left to right): Senpai Owen, Senpai Leon, Sensei Sam, Sensei Ren Mao, Senpai Caleb & Senpai Firdaus

Not in picture: Sensei Jeffrey

Forging our way forward

NihontoDo has grown from strength to strength because of the contributions of everyone within the clan. Together, we are much better positioned to grow the art while ensuring a high quality of teaching is maintained across all 5 modules of the syllabus.